Our story

About Zahav

Zahav was created to bring the health benefits of functional mushrooms and natural medicine to the masses. Providing customers the highest quality mushroom extracts in  a variety of delivery methods. Zahav which means Gold, in Hebrew, was founded after the sale of our previous company, we switched our focus and efforts on putting together the products we believe are natures true gold.

Natural Medicine is becoming more and more adopted by society as the future of medicine. This means that beyond Mushrooms nutritional benefits, they have been found to support overall health and wellbeing in a more powerful, holistic way. 

Mushroom Ingredients

The Zahav Difference

After over a year of testing extracts and formulating products, we believe we have the best possible functional mushroom products the industry has to offer. All Zahav products are 100% vegan, and contain FDA and GRAS certified Mushrooms.

Why Zahav

Why Zahav

Our brand uses the only FDA and GRES certified organic mushrooms supplier in the world. Providing ultra efficient delivery, with no fillers. All products have with full certificates of authentications (COA), and full paneling of every ingredient in every product.

We use 100% pure mushroom (fruiting bodies) in all of our extracts. There are no added binders, fillers, starch, grain, and/or mycelium.

Our Values

- Quality

- Trust

- Education

Our Product Ingredients
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Growth, Testing & Efficiency

Our mushrooms are grown in California, which is a GMP, NSF certified, solar-powered facility. The finished extract powders are tested for pesticides, heavy metals, and other components.

Once 100% tested, our products are made and packaged in Miami, Florida.